The Car Salesman (We’re Slashing Prices)

The Car Salesman

Typically when one thinks of the car salesman, visions of pressed white shirts and silky golden ties come to mind. Encounter one and you are nearly certain to be prodded, pressed, and pushed into buying a vehicle you may not want. Well have you ever wondered what its like on the other side? This is installment one of my ongoing series “The Car Salesman (We’re slashing prices)”

My first day, I’m dressed sharp as a tack. Standing on the “point” waiting for some “ups” (a term used to describe customers). Finally someone pulls up and isn’t pounced on by one of the veteran salesguys. I put on my smile, puff up my chest, and head over to sell the gentleman a car. I approach with a strong presence, hand extended for a mighty shake and then BAM! About 10 feet out he turns and yells, “I’m just looking”. I’m just looking? Who is this guy?

Car Salesman

What right does he have?! So I shrug and head back to the point to wait for some more ups.

About 2 hours in and 10 cigarettes later a young couple arrives. Again I approach, only this time I am greeted warmly. We establish some rapport and before I know it we’re in a car doing a test drive. I get back to the dealership strutting them back to my desk to write this deal up. I offer some coffee before we get down to business and then BAM! The young husband says “No thank you, we’ll just take a business card and a brochure”. A business card and a brochure? You’re not buying my car? What right do they have?! Where are the thousands of dollars in commission I was promised? Where are the customers who are known as “lay downs”?

Stay tuned for the next installment and learn how the phrase “Buyers are Liars” is about the only true thing about the car business.