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Nenad Tancic Cyprus Electrical Consulting Engineers

Based in Larnaca (Kiti),Our Electrical Engineers Consultants in Cyprus provides sustainable mechanical and electrical consulting services.

What Electrical Engineering Services in Cyprus We Offer

With over 10 years of experience, we offer expertise in various electrical engineering services in Cyprus ranging from concept design, execution and project management . We have successfully contributed to a wide variety of commercial, residential, and institutional electrical consulting projects.

Range of Projects


Importance of healthcare organizations dictates norms of design.


Laboratories, research facilities, and education-related buildings.


We are a company that offers design and build services on a high level.


The heavier the traffic, the more we need compact high-tech solutions.


With our engineering services you can be sure that your family safe.


Benefits of Office Design for Employee Performance!


We can be innovative, creative and offer any kind of services.

Why Nenad Tancic Cyprus Electrical Consulting Engineers

Our project experience covers the entire scope of engineering, management and specialist technical services for public and private sector clients globally.


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Brian Aleman

I couldn't stay any more without coming here for thanks giving to Nenad Engineering :). I am really impressed in how they assist my business to grow-up. They showed their patience to hear our business's problems and explained how we can easily solve the issues. Their dedication is beyond description. Love you guys.

Timothy Dawson

We are working with Nenad Engineering throughout the years. Their dedication, ethics and a high level of integrity forced us to establish a strong business relationship. We are proud to have them as a business partner. Nenad Engineering is promised in satisfying their customer and clients at any cost.

Mark Brown

We are completely satisfied in working with them. They are committed in delivering the highest quality of customer service al the time. Nenad Engineering has a great contribution for our business in every way possible. They response instant when we communicate with them.

Joseph Adams

I recommend Nenad Engineering for their great customer service. They helped me save a huge amount of money on my home electrical works. They assisted me recruit a reliable, honest and certified electrical engineer. I hope they can carry their reputation in a long run and wish their success.

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Internet Download Manager Free Download

Internet Download Manager Free Download

A download manager is really a program exclusively for installing files from the web Download managers really are a must should you download a great deal. Furthermore they keep the PC organized, they help you stay productive. You will find many download managers now I’ll be looking at Internet Download Manager.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

I’ve personally used IDM for a long time now, due to the fact its user-friendly, and in contrast to another download managers/accelerators – that are bloatware really – it’s some really helpful features.

Keeps Your Computer Organized

In Internet Download Manager, or IDM, you may make groups and choose which kinds of files will instantly be designated that category. For every category, you may also pick the default folder where such files is going to be saved, check here.

So, you may make a brand new category known as “Images”, assign .png, .digital, and .presen files into it, pick the “My Pictures” folder because the default folder, and IDM will download any image instantly towards the “My Pictures” folder. That you can do exactly the same with every other extendable.

As you can tell, this prevents your computer organized and it’s not necessary to take your personal computer clean-up mission every occasionally.

Download Files Faster & Be Productive

IDM is another download accelerator. And therefore it splits the file into 4 or even more parts and downloads all of them the various components together, thus growing your data transfer speed. Based on its website, it may speed-up download by as much as 500%! Obviously that’s only true for those who have high-speed Internet – over 1 megabyte per second. Otherwise, the download acceleration will not be much.

Resume Files

Like the majority of good download managers, IDM enables you to definitely resume files. The truly amazing factor is IDM saves the file’s parts every couple of minutes, so you’ll have the ability to resume personal files even when your computer crashed although it was installing.

Scheduler & Queues

This is just one of best options that come with IDM. IDM enables you to definitely group files in queues so it’ll instantly download all of the files within the queue, one to another, once you start the queue. You may also setup the scheduler so a queue will begin at some point, say 1 AM. And you will even arrange it to seal lower your computer following the queue continues to be completed.

Speed Limiter

In Internet Download Manager, you are able to limit the rate where files are installing. By doing this your normal browsing won’t decelerate to some crawl while you’re installing stuff.

Browser Integration & VideoAudio Installing

Browser Integration & Video/Audio Installing

Whenever you install IDM, it attaches itself for your browser. This allows you to definitely download files using IDM in a single click only, it’s not necessary copying-paste the URL in IDM. So, if you click a download link, say a .zip file, IDM will begin instantly after which request you if you wish to download it.

An execllent factor relating to this download manager is it can certainly download videos and then any audio on the internet page. Each time a web site includes a video, IDM adds a “Download this video” button up-right from the video. This causes it to be super easy to download videos off YouTube in a single click.

The Website Grabber

Site Grabber is really a significant feature of IDM. Site Grabber allows you to definitely rip files from the website. You are able to download all of the image files on the website, or videos, or even the whole website itself. Even though you won’t utilize it very frequently, it may be helpful every now and then.

The Underside-line

Sure, it could cost $29.95 nevertheless its worthwhile. I’ve examined lots of download managers – FlashGet, Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), GetRight, Download Free Manager (FDM), take your pick. IDM trumps all of them. With active designers along with a ton of features, you cannot fail with that one.

Struggling to Increase Site Traffic

Struggling to Increase Site Traffic? Do These 3 Simple and Effective Methods to Succeed

Are you frustrated with the lack of traffic to your website? Disappointed that after working so hard you are still not seeing any result? You are not alone. You probably have been following the wrong approach all these while and its not really your fault to be frank. Read on to find out what methods of traffic generation you should really do to finally increase your site traffic today.

First, article marketing. Article marketing has been one of the most effective traffic generation method despite being one of the oldest. The key to you succeeding with article marketing is to write quality content, that is addressed to one single reader. Meaning write like you are writing to a friend or your close ones, not writing like a speech that is being addressed to hundreds of people in an assembly hall. Do that consistently and you will soon find yourself attracting more and more readers to your site.

Increase Site Traffic

Secondly, are you using video to generate traffic to your site? Millions and millions of people are watching videos daily and these people could potentially be your website visitors. You are simply losing too much if you are not making use of video marketing. And its not hard to make videos these days with so many software to help you with it. In addition, you can browse around for ideas in popular sites like Youtube for to get started. Do not waste this traffic channel any longer. Start soon and the traffic you get can be massive.

The third method is social networking. Sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter is perfect for driving traffic. It may take a while to see the result but it will be well worth it when it does. Social networking enables you to not only generate traffic, but also helps to increase your web presence and authority as well, if done right. You have the opportunity to interact with your visitors and customer on a regular basis, which in turn increase trust and your accessibility to them. So why not use it?

Site Traffic

So if you are still slaving to increase site traffic today, do these 3 traffic generation methods and do it well. Start today and I’m pretty sure you won’t be slaving for long. Your site traffic will be something that you are proud of.

Want to find out more about how to increase site traffic? Then visit this site to obtain more than 100 proven time-tested traffic tips to start increase website traffic today.

Nootropic Energy Drink

Nootropic Energy Drink

BrainToniq is a revolutionary new natural, botanic based beverage formulated to re-energize your brain.

Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old and in with the new

Brain “foods” are not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination. They have been around in one way or another since the earliest days of herbal medications and tonics many thousand of years ago. What sets BrainToniq apart from everything else ever marketed previously is not just the ingredients, which are all specially chosen for the brain revitalizing characteristics, but it is the sheer volume of these super ingredients (1800mg) that are to be found in each can.

The special preparation technique

There is even a special “tutorial” on how best to prepare your BrainToniq drink in order to extract every last drop of super ingredient out of the can and into your body. It involves a gentle circular rotation of the can to carefully swill the contents around thus washing any residuals off the side of the can and into the beverage for consumption. All highly technical stuff!!

Supporting your ambitions

Most of us have an ambition, a target we have set ourselves to achieve in the passage of our lives. Often ambitions change according to circumstances and new aspirations come and go as we develop. But in order to support your ambitions and to give yourself the very best chance of achieving them, you need your brain to be in tip top condition. BrainToniq is THE proven way of nourishing and revitalizing your brain at those times when it gets run down and becomes fuzzy. It is fast acting and within seconds you will notice the difference. Your mind will become clearer and it will be so much easier to focus on chasing down those ambitions, see more.

Botanically pure

BrainToniq has been formulated with one thing in mind, and that is to use only the freshest, organic, natural ingredients found in nature. It contains absolutely no caffeine, nor are there any other artificial sweeteners or additives, just the powers of Mother Nature’s herbal garden comprising; Rhodiola root, Choline and DMAE, Eleuthero root, and Blue Green Algae grown and harvested naturally. The flavor is derived from natural citrus fruits and the sweetening is via agave nectar. Nothing processed, and no substitutes, simply natural organic ingredients.

The world is your garden

Because the ingredients of BrainToniq are purely botanical, it took over two years to complete the research into their sourcing. Supplies were shipped in from the Amazon Rain Forests and the jungles of Africa. Conversations took place with Siberians, and we examined samples from specialist small herbal farms all over the world. Two years of painstaking research, testing, formulating, and blending, but now we have it! And it was so well worth the wait.

Checking out the competition

Our research has shown that all of the other competitive brands contain only up to 300mg of active ingredients as opposed to the 1800mg in BrainToniq. It is a fact that it is impossible to make a beverage that will impact on conscious brain power with only up to 300mg of ingredients.

BrainToniq is the only truly effective Nootropic energy drink.

What is Team Earth

What is Team Earth? A Conservation International Global Sustainability Initiative

Team Earth is an organization made up of corporations, non-profits, teachers, and students passionate about environmental issues such as global climate change. Team Earth’s goal is to use social networking and global outreach to combat these environmental issues, while, at the same time, maintaining economic growth. The philosophy behind the initiative is that when many individuals can lend their voice to a common cause, seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved.

Team Earth Created by Conservation International

Team Earth Created by Conservation International

The brainchild of Conservation International (CI), Team Earth’s founding partners include household names like Dell, Starbucks, SC Johnson, and Wrigley. CI, founded in 1987 by Spencer Beebe, is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.

On the Conservation International website, CI describes Team Earth as “a groundbreaking opportunity—a tool designed to catalyze personal and collective action via the connective power of the web.”

At the heart of Team Earth are so-called “collective action challenges.”Joining these challenges is how individuals most commonly become involved in Team Earth.

First Collective Action Challenge – Prince’s Rainforests Project

The first collective action challenge of Team Earth is the Prince’s Rainforests Project (PRP). PRP is seeking to significantly slow tropical rainforest deforestation by encouraging rainforest nations to utilize alternative economic development activity. To achieve this goal, PRP is encouraging innovative collaboration between local governments and individuals in developing nations and the governments and individuals of developed nations, while at the same time seeking the financial support of investors, find more info here.

How to Join Team Earth

To become part of a Team Earth collective action challenge, like the Prince’s Rainforests Project, individuals go to the Team Earth website and electronically add their first and last name and email address using a simple web-based form. Once committed to a Team Earth collective action challenge, an individual has the opportunity to invite friends to also join Team Earth through a second web form.

By joining, individuals are giving Team Earth an opportunity to leverage the opinions of individuals through the power of social networks and global outreach initiatives to exert pressure on corporations and governments in addressing critical environmental issues.

Team Earth Partners

In addition to gaining the support of individuals worldwide, Team Earth is partnering with leading companies and powerful brands that will be in a position to take global collective action. Team Earth’s founding partners are Wrigley, Dell, Starbucks, SC Johnson, and Harrah’s Entertainment. These companies provided critical support during the start-up phase of Team Earth.

In addition to the founding partners, Team Earth’s corporate members include Marriott International and PepsiCo China, which together with other Team Earth partners, have, according to Team Earth, already helped to protect and restore more than four million acres of tropical rainforest. Further, these partners have implemented efficiency efforts totaling more than 1.75 million Megawatt hours saved.

Conservation International’s Long-term Goal for Team Earth

CI hopes that Team Earth “will evolve into an unprecedented partnership between companies, non-profits, teachers, students and others,” and, ultimately, that Team Earth will assist in generating momentum for human well-being through nature on a global scale.

What is Green Construction

What is Green Construction?

Building a “green” or environmentally friendly house, office building or other sustainable structure –or simply renovating an existing building to be more efficient –is a great way to help sustain the environment and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and oil. There are even grants available for the building of environmentally sustainable structures and a reduction of energy use. For individuals who want to ensure that their buildings are certified as green buildings, the United States Green Building Council offers a voluntary certification program called LEED.

What is LEED?

What is LEED

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification program run by the U. S. Green Building Council (USBGC). It is a set of standards used to examine green buildings and sustainable construction sites to determine whether they meet national standards for energy-efficiency, sustainable materials, appropriate environmental technology and other standards. While LEED prerequisites depend on the type of building, there are general guidelines for all builders attempting to get LEED certification and click here for more info.

LEED Prerequisites and Credits for Green Building

LEED uses a system of prerequisites and credits to determine whether a building meets all of the rating criteria to be considered a green building. Prerequisites should be in place before building commences, to ensure that all requirements are met before the assessment of the building takes place.

Prerequisites and credits for LEED certification cover seven areas of green construction, including

• Sustainable Sites
• Water Efficiency
• Energy and Atmosphere
• Materials and Resources
• Indoor Environmental Quality
• Innovation in Operations
• Regional Priority

What is Green Construction?

What is Green Construction

New buildings must meet certain prerequisites to be considered for LEED certification. These include prevention of pollution on the construction site throughout the building process, and reduction of water use both in construction and in the operating building itself. Within the building, efficient energy systems must be in place and the building must have a place for collecting and storing recyclables. Air quality must be controlled, and there must be an environmental tobacco smoke control, as well.

Making major renovations to buildings can also qualify for LEED certification, as long as certain prerequisites are met. The renovation prerequisites are the same as those that apply to new buildings, including the reduction of pollution on construction sites. Renovations can qualify a building as a green building, as long as all prerequisites and credits are met.

Making an Existing Building a Green Building

LEED certification can be applied to existing buildings without major renovations. Prerequisites for this type of certification include plans and documentation for adjusting energy use and systems to make the building more energy efficient. Other prerequisites include energy efficient indoor plumbing, a minimum level of energy efficiency already in place in the building, and sustainable purchasing and waste disposal policies. Additionally, the building must have air quality control and environmental tobacco smoke control, as well as a green cleaning policy.

LEED certification can lend a great deal of credibility to a building’s efficiency and environmental friendliness. Ensuring that buildings comply with LEED standards and certification is a simple but important way to go green.

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detox: Letting Go of the Past

I couldn’t sleep last night.

My mind was a jumble of emotionalfragments replaying the days events over and over in the calmness of insomnia

Yesterday, I cleaned out quite a bit of the physical remnants of my past.

That night as each old memory resurfaced shedding layer after layer of emotion, unearthing all that has been hiding. It was nothing I had considered but never the less it revealed itself.

The attic

The attic.

The bottomless pit inside my mind that hid within its shadows; those silent tentacles that slithered out of its darkness, encircling themselves around me gripping me firmly in the past.

I was about to experience a Spiritual Detox.

It was about 11:00am before I finally felt tired enough to fall asleep. I felt empty and a bit scared of what the effect of releasing so much emotional turmoil would be.

I never lived without the distorted comforts of my beliefs and letting go of so much in such a short amount of time left me feeling almost incomplete.
Fear may grow within the emptiness of uncertainty, investigate this site.

But so does my spirit.

But so does my spirit.

I fell asleep but not into the deep la-la fantasy of candy land dreams. Inside me the pieces of myself I had imprisoned within the deepest part of my being prepared themselves for the battle of my freedom. To confront the fat sloth of my ego which sat heavily upon my spirit munching away on a hot fudge sundae of my pain.

It was time for me to be released.
I had served my sentence.
I had willingly done my time and it was time for me to take my freedom back.

It seemed that I was awake but asleep, if that’s even possible. I was in the kitchen of my apartment and something kept playing tricks on me. The stove would go on without me turning it on. Things kept appearing and reappearing. It was just freaky.

When I awoke bits and pieces were still with me but mostly I didn’t remember what it was about. I couldn’t really make sense of the remnants that lingered, so into the kitchen I went to get a cup of coffee. As I’m standing there still half asleep I look at my stove and I remember the dream.

I remember how the stove was burning something and I now saw what it was. I looked around me and I saw it all. Every memory of every event I felt I was a victim of …

The metal divot on the stove from Mike, The first serious boyfriend I ever had who cheated on me again and again.

The vase from the apartment where I first stuck a needle in my arm.

The rug in my bedroom with the burn holes from nodding out.

The clothes from Will who had beaten, raped and imprisoned me for years.

The jewelry from Karl who treated me like a cheap porn star.

On and on the list went. It was all there with me now.

The self-deceit.
The lies.
The torture.
The insecurity.
The jealously.
The anger.
The resentment.
The self-pity.
The disillusion.
The disappointment.
The lost hopes of my dreams.

The absolute boiling hatred of myself that oozed out from these wounds infecting every action I displayed throughout my life.

I had voluntary carried it all with me never understanding or comprehending for a moment it all represented…


It was everything I never wanted my life to be and everything my life was.

I cried.

I cried for the burden of shame I silently carried into adulthood of the man who molested me.
I cried for the little girl that felt so ugly and unloved.
I cried for the girl I grew into who settled for the table leftovers of love tossed to me by men that I allowed to abused me.
I cried for the woman I became who was determined to destroy herself.

I’m crying as I write this, because I know I don’t have to keep this anymore. I don’t have to carry any of it. Every bit and piece of the pain is not a burden I choose to follow me into the future.

I’m free.

I choose me.

Identifying and Treating Plant Toxins

Identifying and Treating Plant Toxins

Growing up as a young boy, I had no idea how bad Poison Ivy could make an individual feel. I found out the hard way. The best way to learn how to identify these types of plants is to purchase a field guide at your local bookstore. Believe me it is money well spent if you work or play around these different plant toxins. I will try to explain these three as best as I can.

Poison Ivy; The only season that it doesn’t grow is in the winter. However, if you burn it in the winter and are close enough to breath the smoke, it can cause some serious problems. In the fall it will turn several different colors. (Red, Yellow, Orange, and some Green) Some people will pick the leaves for their fall collection of leaves. This is a bad idea. In the spring they might be a bit reddish. This is to ward off insects. Insects don’t damage the plant. However a fungus will. In the summer they are usually a shiny leaf that may or may not have some red in it. Older leaves usually have a dull color to them. They grow in sets of three leaves. the leaves might or might not have notches on them. Ivy will climb like a vine and stretch out 2 to 3 feet in width. Under the right conditions they can even grow like a shrub. Some bushes have been measured up to 35 feet in length.

The oil from the plant is said to be more active today than it was 50 years ago. You don’t even have to touch the plant to get it. If it gets on your clothes or your dog and the toxin from the oil gets on your skin, you will get it. You can spread it on your body very easily by rubbing the oil and then touching other parts of your body. Once you come in contact with the oil, it can stay active for up to 6 hours.

Plant Toxins

Treatment: Wash with cold water. Hot water will open your pores and let the toxins get deeper into the skin. Use a garden hose or take a shower. Under no circumstances should you use a wash rag. If the toxin has been on your skin at least 30 minutes, it has probably already penetrated the skin enough to cause discomfort. There are some old home remedies. (1) Wash the area repeatedly with alcohol. (2) Wash the area with diluted Cloris. (3) Take a long hot shower for as long as you can for as hot as you can stand it. I don’t agree with this one. (4) spray a deodorant that contains aluminum. (5) Jewel-weed that is smashed up finely and applied will help attack the oil toxins. (6) Visit site and get anything that will help clear up the rash.

Lastly, Poison Ivy isn’t contagious however, in the first few hours it can be spread by physical contact. If it gets too bad, see a doctor or visit an emergency room.

Poison Oak; In the West may grow as a vine but, usually it grows like a shrub or bush. It has three sets of leaves like Poison Ivy does. Poison Oak has an oil called urushiol. It is said that one fourth of an ounce is enough to contaminate every individual on the planet. that gives you an idea of how toxic it can be. You can get it from the roots, leaves, vines, and branches themselves. Once you get the rash and start scratching , you can’t spread it any further. The leaves look just like a regular oak leaf. They have the rough edges. Poison Ivy is smoother.

Treatment: It is the same as you would Poison Ivy. If you get it on your clothes or shoes, remove them carefully keeping the skin area away from the outer part of the clothing. Put everything in a plastic bag until they can be cleaned. Wash all the items several times. A clorox based detergent usually handles the job. Calamine lotion and Hydrocortisone won’t help your skin that much. If you get it bad and go a doctor, he will probably give you a drug called Prednisone.

Poison Sumac; Is very rare. However, there are two types of Sumac. One usually grows in a very wet area. The other often gets confused with sumac but, it actually is Staghorn Sumac. Staghorn has red berries on it. Contrary to what many individuals think, this sumac is not toxic. Poison Sumac has seven to nine leaves on a stem. The leaves are smooth. There is no hair on the stem. They grow like a small tree. It is rare to find. Many individuals will get a rash from another plant and think it is sumac. Most Poison Sumac is found east of the Mississippi River.

Treatment; Once again treatment is like that for the other two mentioned in this article. Like the two mention above, if either of these get into the eye area, see a doctor immediately.

Advice; If you are the type of individual that is going to be spending times in areas where these plants grow, learn about them. Some people are immune but it won’t last. Every individual runs the risk of getting the rash from the toxin oils that the plants produce. My final advice, stay out of the weeds.

Why Are You Keen on Web Income Building Opportunities

Why Are You Keen on Web Income Building Opportunities?

Why Are You Keen on Online Cash Creating Opportunities?

Men and women have several reasons for pursuing an on-line business opportunity. Some just wish to make some extra cash, some need to develop a full time earnings. Others wish to be capable to quit their present jobs and do the job from household. Some would prefer to be capable to purchase additional stuff, vacation when they would like to or just sit back and relax and get pleasure from their lives. Why are you considering world wide web dollars producing chances?

Web Income Building

Whatever your cause is you need to comprehend that there will be operate involved. In case you anticipate to generate any sort of steady income you can must put your time and effort into your enterprise. Do not believe the income pitches that you simply have possibly heard which you can make tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of days. It just doesn’t function that way. 1st and foremost, this is a company and you need to treat it as such.

If you want to make a steady on the net earnings via web income building options like Affiliate Gameplan review then you have to discover the essence. Yes, there is certainly learning included! In case you find out and apply the requisites right from the beginning you may soon master them. Then you’ll be able to start off to find out a lot more advanced tactics for growing and developing your on-line company. The dilemma is that most “systems” available offer you on tactics which have been additional state-of-the-art so in the event you haven’t grasped the essence of world wide web marketing yet these systems turn out to be frustrating so you quit.

So what are the fundamentals? Diverse marketers will have diverse opinions on this and they may perhaps not be correct or wrong – just far better or worse depending on how you like to work. So you’ll be able to realize the fundamentals what you’ll be able to do is start paying extremely close attention for the income pages that you just land on when you happen to be searching for online cash generating opportunities and with Six Minutes To Success review. What is widespread about all of them? If they are practicing the “basics” they will most likely include a statement that offers a cost-free gift to aid develop your company plus a sign up kind to consist of your name and email tackle. The totally free gift may perhaps be from the form of a video, a report, a newsletter, etc. Naturally every single individual page may have some variation of graphics, fancy product sales text, and other perks to obtain you to sign up, check more info.

Online Cash Creating Opportunities

As you search via these pages and recognize these common themes you’ll start to appreciate what the marketers are performing Project Site Flip. Some may perhaps attempt to sell you directly. Others are simply collecting your name and e-mail address so they can add you to their subscriber listing. That is called checklist building. As their checklist grows they will probably be sending emails that assistance educate and teach you concerning the topic which you were searching for. At some point they will start to provide you goods for purchase. The bigger their list grows the far better their chances that they may make income. Those are the most standard principles of internet marketing and advertising.

I Helped Africa Bracelets

I Helped Africa Bracelets: An Accessory That Makes a Difference

What gift item would you imagine a typical American 10 year old girl would ask of her parents? If you were to review a list of the most popular toys for girls sold last year, it seems that you would find the answer somewhere in between the latest Bratz doll, multitudes of Harry Potter paraphernalia, and some furry apparatus called a Pillow Pet that seems to be rising steadily in preteen popularity.

Yes, those are just a few items that one would assume a typical fifth grade girl would want in her possession. However, 10 year old Michelle Edid of San Diego, California is not your typical little girl – because even while residing in a country that thrives on excess, she managed to reach a maturity level far beyond her years by setting aside any interest in her own needs, and instead gave serious thought toward the thousands of people suffering in the impoverished nation of Africa.

An Accessory That Makes a Difference

So much thought, in fact, that shortly before her tenth birthday Michelle Edid informed her parents that she simply did not want to receive a personal gift; instead she requested their help in coming up with (and financing, of course!) a fun and effective way in which she could raise money to donate to all of those people in need living in Africa – a concept that is virtually unheard of coming from a child in a country filled with so many kids who often seem determined to become as avid consumers as their parents.

The final result of Michelle and her family’s brainstorming was this: “I Helped Africa” bracelets – a trendy collection of wrist bands which come in seven bright, fun colors displaying the words “I Helped Africa” printed in bold black letters. They are sold at $2 a piece, with 100% of the profits being donated to the World Vision organization.

Interestingly enough, there is more to selecting an “I Helped Africa” bracelet than merely deciding on your color of choice, because each color represents a specific object or good that will be donated:

  • all profits from white bracelets go towards buying a goat to help nourish a family or hungry children
  • hot pink bracelets go towards education
  • green ones go towards HIV and AIDS care
  • blue ones go towards clean water – something that is a huge necessity seeing that unsafe water and poor sanitation kill nearly 1.5 million children a year
  • purple bracelets go towards bed nets to help prevent mosquitoes from infecting people with diseases like malaria
  • light blue ones go toward food aid
  • light pink ones help buy seeds for crops like maize, rice, cassava, carrots, potatoes, green beans, and much more
Africa Bracelets

Clearly, the creation of the “I Helped Africa” bracelets was an effective and greatly beneficial idea, but one must be curious as to what inspired such a young girl to be so compelled to give up her own birthday present for the greater good of a people living over 5,000 miles away. When questioned about this, Michelle’s response seemed simple, stating that she was just really struck by all of the information and images she has viewed in the media of the hundreds of poor, starving African children – many of whom had distended bellies due to severe malnutrition and who lived in crumbling dirt huts, swatting away the overwhelming amount of flies and disease carrying mosquitoes with their fragile, twig-like arms. Ever since she became aware of their struggles and poverty she has been looking for ways to help raise money for them, and in the past has even been known to bake brownies and sell them to passersby on her street, sending all of her earnings to the same organization that her bracelet’s profits go to. To Michelle, the decision to make a difference in these people’s lives was an obvious one, and hopefully her noble actions will set the example for the rest of us to whom it is not so obvious.

Skimming Out the Ingredients that Can Save Your Website’s Design from Turning into an Unappetizing Soup

Skimming Out the Ingredients that Can Save Your Website’s Design from Turning into an Unappetizing Soup

Web designs are unmistakably a variable synthesis of the creators’ ideas and investors’ visions. While some websites are disarmingly grand, others appear insufferably bland. Even though perspectives and perceptions do have a profound impact upon the impression of the site-hosting companies in the minds of the viewers, an universal assessment about the aesthetics of a site can be made on general principles. A website draft that comes out with flying colors in a generic scrutiny is the one that can be termed responsive and impressive. A lot has been thought and ideas have been mentally woven by the web design Manchester companies with the aim to formulate a flawless recipe of a grand website design.

Website’s Design

But, little do the users know that no static formulas or concepts can work for all websites. The dissimilarities in companies, their core industries, offerings, values, orientations, etc., pry a glaring gap between their marketing requirements. Since, website designs are nothing but a passive mean of company promotion and marketing, the designs should synthesize all strategies, techniques and plans that together can foster the company. So, it is imperative to learn the quintessential variables that exist between a grandiloquent site and an indistinctive one.

Even though pictorial depiction might have been made the contrast more explicit, a textual explanation has been attempted in the following lines. A tasteless and ineffective site design exhibits a noticeably simple and boring graphical base, with texts printed all over, in the same plane font style, with clickable tabs and links in between the texts. Even though sites no longer look that irksome nowadays, some of them that lack regular maintenance still look like this. Such sites are the first to get lost in the ocean of sameness, with little or absolutely nil positive results. Surprisingly, even a modern site with oodles of buttons, highlights and visual cues can lack resonance due to conjuration of too many things.

Website Design

Contrarily, a persuasive site has a bounty of visual offerings, more than the textual bit. What makes the sites distinctive are the feasible visual effects that add the shine, luster and glamour lacking their failing counterparts. The font styles used are reader-friendly, succinct, and most importantly, the write-up has all the condiments that drive the reader into reading the page. Colors and themes selected to reflect the company type, subtle or loud, add a touch of charming spell to the site. Last, but not the least, mellifluous navigability is unfailing maintained. An easy way of maintaining an upkeep site is to hire pay monthly websites services.

Maintenance Guide for Electric Toothbrushes

How’s your electric toothbrush holding up? It’s not something we’re talking about in day-to-day conversation, but after spending the money for an electric toothbrush, you want to protect your investment. By following a few simple maintenance steps on your electric toothbrush, you can ensure that it outlasts its warranty and keeps you plaque and cavity-free.

Power Source

Are you using a battery-powered electric toothbrush? If so, remember to replace batteries at any signs of malfunction or when they no longer seem to be working at full capacity. Keep your eyes peeled for any corrosion inside, especially if you suspect that your battery pack has gotten wet or damp.

If you’re using a rechargeable or plug-in electric toothbrush, keep the charger plugged into the wall and your toothbrush in the charger when not in use. This will not only ensure that you have a full charge when it’s time to brush, but you’ll also notice any problems with your charger more easily.

Electric Toothbrush Heads

One of the most important things that you can do in order to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your electric toothbrush is to change your toothbrush heads regularly, at least every 3-4 months. Monitor your electric toothbrush head, noting signs of wear, and replacing when necessary. It’s a good idea to keep a few extra toothbrush heads on hand, so that you can use them at the first sign that they are needed. So, read this review article for the best electric toothbrush.


Store your electric toothbrush upright, and on it’s base, when provided. Though you may have heard otherwise, don’t place a cover over the head of your electric toothbrush. Rather, you’ll want to let your toothbrush air dry after use in order to keep germs from growing and spreading.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and sanitizing your electric toothbrush is essential for maintaining the quality of your investment. Rinse your toothbrush under water after use, ridding it of any remaining toothpaste and debris. Allow to air dry. In addition, if you choose to invest in a sanitizer, there are a good many on the market today. The Philips Sonicare UV Sanitizer, for example, retails for approximately $30 and can help you keep your toothbrush clean and effective.

By following a few simple maintenance steps on your electric toothbrush, you can ensure that it outlasts its warranty and keeps you plaque and cavity-free. In addition, contact customer service, warranty in hand, should any problems arise along the way. Thankfully, most of today’s models offer at least a limited 2-year warranty, which should handle any malfunctions that are the result of defects or errors on the part of the company.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Pediatrician for Your Family

Tips on How to Choose the Right Pediatrician for Your Family

One of the many things on any new mothers mind is picking the right pediatrician for your growing family. Although you may have someone in mind who is highly recommended by family and friends, there are a few things you must consider before making a final decision.

Hours of Operation In the beginning you will more than likely be home with your new baby so this is not an issue. However, if you are a working mother who will be returning to work after maternity leave this is something you need to consider. Find out if they are open after five on weekdays or if they are open at all on weekends. Having a doctor that offers flexible hours is definitely a bonus for busy moms.

How to Choose the Right Pediatrician

Who Is On Call After-hours It may not seem that important now,but when you wake in the middle of the night to find your baby has a fever it becomes extremely important. Almost all doctors have an after-hours answering service; what you need to find out is who is going to be calling you back? Will it be your doctor,who knows you and your child, or will it be a nurse who will just refer you to an emergency room?

Which Hospital(s) Is Your Doctor Associated With If you live in a larger city then more likely than not there will be a children’s hospital which all pediatricians recommend. If you do not have access to a children’s hospital, you need to know what hospital your doctor is associated with. Hopefully it will never come up but if it does you want to make sure that it is a hospital that you are comfortable with and that is not all the way across town.

How Many Patients Do They Attend To In many cases I have found that a doctors patient load is extremely overwhelming. They may be highly recommended and have a large practice but is that necessarily a good thing? If your child is sick the last thing you want is to be told you cannot get an appointment for a day or two or be sitting for hours in a waiting room full of other sick children.

Will The Doctor Make Time To Meet You Ahead Of Time It has been my experience that most doctors are willing to do this for new patients. The important thing for you to do is make sure you ask the right questions. Make a list of your concerns prior to meeting with them so you know you are prepared. A question that is often forgotten about (and doctors have vastly different opinions on) is if they believe in a mothers instinct. Friends,family, and parenting books will tell you to “trust your instincts”. I had an unfortunate experience involving a doctor who did not believe in a mothers instinct but felt I was suffering from “new mother worries”. Let’s just say I will never doubt my mothers instinct again or let my gut feeling be brushed aside for being a new (or young) mother.


Do You Want A Group Of Practitioners Or A Solo Practitioner You have to decide for yourself what is best for you.They both have their strong points. On the one hand, with a group you know there will almost always be open appointments with one of the doctors and you do not have to worry about what may happen if your doctor is on vacation. On the other hand, if you have a solo practitioner you know that you will always see the same doctor, making it easier for you to build a relationship with the doctor. This is helpful because you will be more likely to know your child’s habits and history as opposed to just what is written on a chart. Ultimately the decision is up to you who you decide is right for your family. Take the advice of family and friends but don’t be afraid to go out and find one on your own either. With all the things a mother has to worry about, knowing that you have a doctor you are comfortable with and confident in will make you feel more at ease when your little one isn’t feeling well. Take it from someone who learned the hard way, having the right doctor can make all the difference in the world when faced with an emergency.