How To Keep Your Car Cool Without AC?

How To Keep Your Car Cool Without AC

Nowadays every car has an air conditioner facility and the old cars only do not have this. So, if you have an old car without an air conditioner and you have to keep cool it then here are a few top tips that give you a solution. You have to do one thing and that is following the given seven steps. The first step is hanging a wet rag and places it in the middle vent of your car. The second step is always driving your car with wet hair because you may not feel the heat when you drive your car in wet hair. 

Car Cool Without AC

The third step is placing a cold-water bottle with ice cubes in a towel because it will spread the cooling to the entire surface. The fourth one is always parking your car in the shade place and this will be the most effective one and you will not feel more heat. The fifth one is using a dashboard cover and this is such a good idea but still, you can use this method to protect your car from sunlight. Then the sixth one is to try to open your all windows open and this will fill up the fresh air to the inner surface. The seventh one is placing a solar fan inside the car and it is cheaper than an air conditioner and you can use it whenever you want. So, try to use anyone tip from these seven and it will be the most effective one. 

Major Things To Do When Your Vehicle Overheats:

It is a common thing to overheat but you cannot consider it as a thing then you may face a lot of problems. So here are some tips to do whenever your car gets overheat. The first problem is the engine because there are a lot of reasons for its heating. And the cause of this problem is a problem in the cooling system. In that situation, try to change the cooling system or check whether the cooling system leak or not. The next thing is when your engine gets overheat try to turn off your air conditioner to reduce the work of an engine. Sometimes a lot of stress that is put on the engine is the reason for the heating problem.

Major Things To Do When Your Vehicle Overheats

Then place your car in a safe place and do not make your vehicle to face the sun directly. After that keep your car cool in that place for fifteen minutes. Then call the mechanic or if you have any tools then add coolant to the car. Finally, restart your engine so these are all things you have to do when your vehicle gets overheat. The brand-new cars are having such a good engine and other parts and some people like to buy it like online shopping. There is an option to buy a car online using the fairsquare website. And they have a lot of varieties in the car and installment process. So, you people can buy your car and make use of it.