The Best Way to Remove RV Light Covers

The Best Way to Remove RV Light Covers

Your RV light cover is the first thing someone sees when they look through your window. It’s also the last thing they see before moving on to another potential target. You should make sure your RV light cover is in top shape at all times, but what do you do if it has been tampered with?

It is too easy to remove the light cover without making any noise and without anyone being able to see. If you want to make sure that your RV light covers are not an easy target, then you should visit website and know something about it.

Follow These Steps to Take Off the Light Cover

Follow These Steps to Take Off the Light Cover

1. Find a Screwdriver

The first step is a screwdriver. Of course, you’ll need to find the screws on your particular light cover. They should be exposed at least in part and easy to find. If you can’t find them, try looking behind the grill or in the back of the cover.

2. Pry the Light Cover Off

The best way to remove the RV light cover is to pry it off. Pry at the base of the electrical wiring and try to loosen it from the connection. This should help you remove the light cover without damaging it.

3. Remove the Base of Electrical Wiring

You’ll need to disconnect the power from the connection before proceeding. Once you’ve done that, this is a relatively simple task. Simply remove the wires and unscrew the base of the electrical wiring (where it connects to the cover). This might damage it a little bit, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

4. Replace with A New One If Necessary

If you make an excuse to avoid doing something, you can replace it with a new one and see if the excuse works. It could be that the lights were left on by accident and it’s not an emergency, or maybe there is still another one. It might work to get a new one for your application.

5. Turn Power Back On

Turn power back on in the electrical box, test your work and make sure everything is working correctly before you leave! Since you don’t have the cover covering the light now, you will need to be more aware of any potential leakages than you would be otherwise.

Although there are many ways to remove the light cover, using these steps will save you time and effort. If you have tried these and still cannot get them off, it might be best to consult a professional for help.

Why You Need RV Light Cover?

Why You Need RV Light Cover

A light cover for your RV is like a “warning label” that says, “I’m not home.” With the lights off, it’s easier for criminals to break in. Light covers help protect you from being spotted and followed while traveling at night.

The bottom edge of the cover helps reflect light upwards so that people outside can see you coming. If the RV has been tampered with and the light cover removed, bringing power to it will alert potential intruders that someone is still staying there.

When a thief tries to break into your RV, they will look for the easiest entry point.   They won’t be looking at your windows or door locks. Instead, they are looking for there to be anything in their way that might slow them down. When it comes to RV light covers, this is exactly what they are. The tinted cover can be a great way to maintain your privacy while still letting the light in, but there is a problem.

If you have a light cover on your RV, then it is nothing more than an obstruction to the thief trying to get inside. If they are in a hurry or if they are just trying to get the job done, then this obstruction will not be welcome.

Here Are A Few Safety Tips When You Remove an RV Light Cover:

• Ensure that the power is cut to the light cover before you start.

• Safety goggles might be a good idea if it’s very dusty or you’re dealing with sharp edges.

• Be careful with screws and other small components of the light cover. They should not be left in holes they don’t belong in. It is recommended to pick them up after so they don’t get lost or misplaced. A magnetic board can also be used for this purpose.


Removing RV light covers can be a frustrating task, but it doesn’t have to be. Luckily, we have provided some tips to help you get those pesky things off with ease. RV light covers are a great way to add an extra level of protection for the inside and outside of your RV. However, removing them can be tricky when they’ve been on the vehicle for a while.