Household Tips: Electrical, Wiring, and Lighting Problems

Household Tips

Most homeowners are no stranger to electrical problems. In many areas, strong storms and other issues knock out electricity with regularity. Additionally, problems with wiring, fuses, and breakers occur frequently in homes with old or unmanaged wiring. Knowing what to do when the power malfunctions or goes out can often prove to be invaluable in keeping your home and family safe. These tips cover some common household electrical problems, and can help you to prevent emergency, and be decisive and quick in the event of one.

Using a circuit breaker: When the power goes out, most people immediately go for the circuit breaker. The problem is, many really don’t know what they’re doing when the breaker door is opened. It really is easy to fix, though. Make sure you have a flashlight or candle as a light source, and read the labels of each switch carefully. After that, simply flip the switch of the malfunctioning electrical equipment, more information.


Light Inconsistencies: If light bulbs in your home switch back and forth from bright to dim without notice, it is likely a sign of a rather serious problem. That issue is a wire line running from a utility pole to your home may be malfunctioning. Call the utility company if this occurs.

Lights Inexplicably Dimming: When many electrical appliances are running at once and the lights dim, it may be a sign that the circuit is close to full capacity. Try turning off an appliance to fix the problem. If it doesn’t work, then it may be time to call the cable company.

In the event of shock: If a curious child or do-it-yourself adult in your home is shocked by an outlet, it may be difficult or even impossible to let go. In order to prevent shocking yourself (which happens if you directly touch them) use a broomstick to get them away from the source of electricity. Then, of course, call for medical help.

Power outage at night: Power outages at night can often be stressful for adults and downright scary for children. If the electricity isn’t coming back on for awhile, make sure to be prepared. Keep flashlights and perhaps even a battery powered weather radio handy. If you’ve got nothing, try sticking a birthday candle in a jar of Vaseline and lighting it. This will help the candle to burn brighter and longer in the event of an emergency.

With these tips and a cool head, one can pretty easily avoid any serious problems in the event of electrical problems. Hopefully, it will save you and your family lots of headaches and even some more serious aversions.