What is Nature Meditation?: How To Meditate On Nature

What is Nature Meditation

There are four elements associated with nature. These are earth, fire, air, and water. Meditating on these elements can bring one closer to nature, while having a creative meditation experience. Focusing on the elements of nature can bring more clarity and awareness to everyday life. When meditating on nature, whenever possible, it’s best to meditate outside to further experience the qualities of each of these elements, look at here now.

Meditating On Earth

Meditating On Earth

Begin this meditation by actually placing some soil in your hands. Move the soil around feeling it with your fingers. Think of all the beauty that comes from the earth. Envision majestic mountains, towering trees, and rows of colorful flowers. Picture yourself gingerly running through a lovely meadow while noticing everything that is growing from the earth.

Consider all of the warmth and energy that the earth provides to enable living things to grow. Feel that energy flowing through your body. Not only is this a connection to the earth, but a connection to life. When finishing this meditation, contemplate taking a few moments to send some positive, healing energy back to the earth.

Meditating On Fire

Although fire is often associated with destruction, it can be used for constructive purposes during a meditation. If mad about something, meditating on fire can help relieve some of the anger. When going into the meditation, picture yourself with flames burning all around you. These flames represent anger. Allow yourself to feel the flames and feel the anger.

Now, begin to see the flames slowly die down. As the flames begin to decline, allow the anger to decline with them. The more the flames decrease, the more the anger goes away. Think about how good it feels to release all of that negative energy from the body. Once the fire has died out, envision the dawn of a new day. Take a few minutes to enjoy the tranquility before ending the meditation.

Another fire meditation can be for empowerment. While meditating on fire, think about how much force and power a fire has. Allow this force and power to run throughout the body. Feel its strength and confidence. Allow its energy to take hold of you. Know that when this meditation is over, you’ll be more empowered and better suited to take on any challenges the day has to offer.

Air Meditation

Air Meditation

Air is essential for existence. Without air, there would be no oxygen to breathe. To start this meditation, focus on your breathing. With each breath, think about how much energy and life is being brought into the body. Feel this energy making its way throughout the body and how revitalized it makes you feel.

Perhaps there’s some type of scent or aroma in the air. See what you can smell. Are there any flowers in the area or perhaps some herbs growing? Listen to the sound of the air. What sounds can be heard? Is there a bird chirping in a tree or a squirrel darting about? Try to identify any kind of sound that is experienced during this meditation.

Is there a breeze in the air? Think about what it feels like to have the wind gently caress your cheek. When meditating on air, try to experience it with as many senses as possible. If unable to meditate outside, try to visualize as much as possible in your mind.

Water Meditation

Think how refreshing it is first stepping out of the shower or how relaxing it feels to soak in the tub. There is something so soothing about water. During this meditation, envision water in various ways. Think about the gentle sound of rain drops during a light rain. Imagine a waterfall gently cascading down the side of a mountain.

Picture an empty beach at sunset, with the waves gently rolling in. Listen to the sound of a small, babbling brook softly going by. Think of the sense of peace that each of these water scenes bring. Let these scenes bring total relaxation and serenity. When finished with this meditation, take a few minutes to think about what you experienced before going back to your daily routine.

For those times when going outside isn’t an option, try to create the feeling of being outside in your mind. To help, bring some soil into the house, run the water gently or look into the flame of a candle. Meditating on nature can help release emotions, bring relaxation, and allow bonding time with nature’s elements.