Nootropic Energy Drink

Nootropic Energy Drink

BrainToniq is a revolutionary new natural, botanic based beverage formulated to re-energize your brain.

Out with the old and in with the new

Out with the old and in with the new

Brain “foods” are not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination. They have been around in one way or another since the earliest days of herbal medications and tonics many thousand of years ago. What sets BrainToniq apart from everything else ever marketed previously is not just the ingredients, which are all specially chosen for the brain revitalizing characteristics, but it is the sheer volume of these super ingredients (1800mg) that are to be found in each can.

The special preparation technique

There is even a special “tutorial” on how best to prepare your BrainToniq drink in order to extract every last drop of super ingredient out of the can and into your body. It involves a gentle circular rotation of the can to carefully swill the contents around thus washing any residuals off the side of the can and into the beverage for consumption. All highly technical stuff!!

Supporting your ambitions

Most of us have an ambition, a target we have set ourselves to achieve in the passage of our lives. Often ambitions change according to circumstances and new aspirations come and go as we develop. But in order to support your ambitions and to give yourself the very best chance of achieving them, you need your brain to be in tip top condition. BrainToniq is THE proven way of nourishing and revitalizing your brain at those times when it gets run down and becomes fuzzy. It is fast acting and within seconds you will notice the difference. Your mind will become clearer and it will be so much easier to focus on chasing down those ambitions, see more.

Botanically pure

BrainToniq has been formulated with one thing in mind, and that is to use only the freshest, organic, natural ingredients found in nature. It contains absolutely no caffeine, nor are there any other artificial sweeteners or additives, just the powers of Mother Nature’s herbal garden comprising; Rhodiola root, Choline and DMAE, Eleuthero root, and Blue Green Algae grown and harvested naturally. The flavor is derived from natural citrus fruits and the sweetening is via agave nectar. Nothing processed, and no substitutes, simply natural organic ingredients.

The world is your garden

Because the ingredients of BrainToniq are purely botanical, it took over two years to complete the research into their sourcing. Supplies were shipped in from the Amazon Rain Forests and the jungles of Africa. Conversations took place with Siberians, and we examined samples from specialist small herbal farms all over the world. Two years of painstaking research, testing, formulating, and blending, but now we have it! And it was so well worth the wait.

Checking out the competition

Our research has shown that all of the other competitive brands contain only up to 300mg of active ingredients as opposed to the 1800mg in BrainToniq. It is a fact that it is impossible to make a beverage that will impact on conscious brain power with only up to 300mg of ingredients.

BrainToniq is the only truly effective Nootropic energy drink.