How to Scent Your Bed Sheets Without Dryer Sheets

How to Scent Your Bed Sheets Without Dryer Sheets

Are you one of the millions of people who absolutely love scented sheets? Lots of companies are making a small fortune now, selling products that you spray onto the bedding. Sure, those sprays smell nice but, wow, are they costly! A small bottle can cost more than two or three boxes of dryer sheets. Another problem with spraying the sheets is that you have to wait for the spray to dissipate. If you spray and immediately get in the bed you’ll feel that the sheets are slightly damp. Yet another issue with spray-on bedding scent is that you have a strong scent in some areas of the sheets and no aroma in other places. You’ll save money over those spray-on products, while having really crisp and fresh-smelling sheets, when you scent them right in the laundry.

There are new products now, which you can put right in the washer or dryer, but even those can be quite costly. One way to scent your bedding, and scent it in a way that will cost less, is to use bath salts. The salt gives you crisp sheets and the scent of the bath salts clings to the sheets. Pour a quarter-cup of the scented bath salts in the final rinse cycle as you launder your sheets. Or, sprinkle some salts in a washcloth, tie it shut, then tumble it in the dryer with the bedding. Click here to find out detailed information on bed sheets.

Bed Sheets Without Dryer Sheets

Lots of people pass on the dryer sheets because they don’t like the aroma, or they don’t want to spend the money on them. You can scent your sheets in a different manner – in the dryer – and have the exact scent you want. Use a washcloth, or small piece of fabric, and throw it into the dryer with the bedding. The cloth can be sprayed with perfume or cologne, or you can apply essential oil on it. The oil can be found at craft stores and other places – locally or online. Tumble the sheets dry and enjoy the new scent when you remove them from the dryer. Use the same cloth again and again.

Traditional dryer sheets scent the bedding but the scent, usually, lasts only a day or so. When you scent the sheets yourself you’ll find that the aroma lasts much longer, and is evenly spread throughout the bedding. And, most always, you’ll save money over dryer sheets and spray-on scents.