Ultim8 Cleaning Services and Dry Cleaning in Tampa, Florida

Ultim8 Cleaning Services and Dry Cleaning in Tampa, Florida

Being eco-friendly is more a necessity than a choice now days and more service providers such as Ultim8 Cleaning and Dry Cleaning provide green friendly options to consumers whom have a passion for earth friendly living and sustaining Mother Earth. Located at 4330 Lovers Lane in Tampa, Florida, Ultim8 Cleaning and Dry Cleans provides earth friendly cleaning not only for clothing but also special event dresses such as bridal dresses, as well as for laundered products that require special care.

If you have a special comforter that is delicate or near and dear to your heart Ultim8 Cleaning and Dry Cleaning is equipped to lauder or dry clean bedding in an earth friendly manner. The establishment uses all natural washes in addition to taking extra care with delicate items. In fact all items taken into Ultim8 Cleaning are sorted by category and inspected and tagged. The establishment offers specialists for certain fabrics and such. They also have a Press Team trained to professionally steam, press and fluff garments prior to being wrapped in products which include recycled garment bags, acid free paper, and cardboard.

Cleaning Services and Dry Cleaning

The goal of green friendly cleaners such as Ultim8 Cleaning and Dry Cleaning is to provide impeccable laundry and dry cleaning services while reducing indoor allergens. Ultim8 Cleaning specializes in earth friendly cleaning for several specialty items such as drapes, down pillow and quilts, cushions, comforters, chair covers, blankets, table linens and more.

Finding a an eco-friendly laundry that provides excellent service is a great find, and one such as Ultim8 Cleaning and Dry Cleaning even provides a uniquely designed modern and comfortable lounge in which clients can relax.
Where many earth friendly consumers do their own laundry or have preferred products they use, being able to have certain items professionally cleaned in a green environment is a definite plus. Ultim8 Cleaning and Dry Cleaning is opened between the hours of 07:00AM to 6:30PM Monday through Friday, and from 08:30AM to 3:00PM on Saturday. For more information on the green laundry establishment in the Park Cities area of Tampa, Florida, call (813) 803-2255 or visit the official web site at Ultim8 Cleaning.