How to Lose Weight by Being in Tune with Your Body

How to Lose Weight by Being in Tune with Your Body

Taking the time to stop, look and listen can make all the difference when it comes to effectively losing weight.

I remember once hearing how important it was to eat when we’re hungry but to stop as soon as you feel satisfied. It sounds like good advice but it’s easier said than done. That is until you learn how to become better in tune with your body.

First off, most of us don’t really know what it’s like to be really hungry. We automatically eat at the first indication that our bodies may need fuel. But does our body actually need food or are we simply tired or thirsty? Sometimes going for a short walk or drinking water can make a big difference. It can perk us up if we’re tired and can quench our thirst. By opting for a walk or some water first we gain a better sense of what our body is really telling us it needs.

How to Lose Weight

So, if the walk or the water didn’t do it. Chances are good your body is in need of nourishment. If that’s the case, feed yourself. The longer you go without food when you’re hungry the greater the chance you’ll overeat, see details.

Also make eating an occasion. Enjoy the process of eating and what you are actually putting in your mouth. Multi-tasking and eating don’t go hand in hand. It’s best not to eat at your desk or eat while driving. The problem is that when we’re distracted by other things like work or other cars on the road we have a tendency to eat quickly and not pay attention to when our stomach is full. We just keep shoveling the food in. In other words, if you want to lose weight or stay slim focus on the food you’re eating not on everything else around you.

Also stop at one serving. If we eat balanced meals with protein, carbs and fats our bodies should be satisfied with less. Seconds are an obvious no, no, but if your body is still craving food after the first plate give yourself a 20 minute break before dishing up seconds. After 20 minutes really try to discern your body’s needs. Are you truly still hungry? If you’re unsure do a constructive activity that will take your mind off eating for awhile and then if you still feel as if a little more is really want you need, come back and have more food later.

It has also been my experience that we sometimes can confuse physical hunger and emotional hunger. If you’re an emotional eater like I am, it’s important to be able to read the difference. One of the best ways I’ve found to keep my emotional eating in check is to keep a food journal. By journaling I am better able to understand what triggers my emotional eating.

Once I got the knack of food journaling I was better able to take steps to alter my eating behaviour.

Trust me, conquering your problems with food won’t happen overnight, but with some consistent journaling effort and listening to your body and the messages it is trying to send you – you will overcome your hurdles with food.