How to Get a Security Guard License

How to Get a Security Guard License

If you are looking to become a security guard then you may need to get a license. Instructions on the Security Guard Center website state that getting a security guard license in the USA will depend on what state you live in as each state has different standards which need to be met before a license can be issued. Most states require an individual to be at least eighteen years old, and if a person wants to be an armed guard then they are usually required to be over the age of twenty one. There are often extra standards to be met for carrying a weapon as an armed guard, as a license needs to be issued for any particular weapon that may be in the guard’s possession.

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Other things to take into consideration when looking at how to get a security guard license are that most states require a person to be a citizen of the United States or a legal foreigner. Submitting to a criminal background check may be necessary, as well as not having a dependence on alcohol or drugs. The person applying should be of a moral or honorable character, be mentally capable of doing this type of work and have a physical capability without anything that would impair their ability to do the job. Any offenses or felonies against a name will probably rule the person out, and there may also be a number of other checks depending on the particular state.

Many states require a person to have a high school diploma and to do a certain number of hours in a security guard training course. There are many positions for an unarmed security officer and these areas may be in the retail sector, education system, corporate area and similar locations. An armed guard may work in guarding banks, money transportation, on military, army and air force bases, at nuclear power facilities and other sectors.

Being hired may be easier and a better salary may be paid to a person who has completed courses in different types of legal education such as criminal justice, homeland security, the law enforcement field, and other similar types of education. These types of courses are usually available at a community college or may be sourced online.

Once you have approached a security training school in your state they will probably be able to give you all the details on who issues the license, what you will need to do to get one and other details you may need. If you are not able to locate an appropriate place to get information about where to start, asking a security guard may help give you some directions on where to begin looking.