How to Adjust Bathtub Drain Stopper?

How to Adjust Bathtub Drain Stopper

Last day when I entered into my bath, I saw that water draining issue in my bathtub stopper. I checked the bathtub stopper was fine from every side, but the water was rusting.

When I do more checking, I found that it is loosely fixed and need setting in its adjustment.

I searched and found some easy solution which will help you to make your bathtub stopper adjustments appropriately.

You need to stay with us here for knowing the easy technique to set the adjustments of bathtub stopper quickly.

Easy steps to make adjustments with Bathtub Stopper:

While you face water drainage issues follow some of these steps and will remove the adjustment problem of your bathtub stopper.

Check Lever and Plunger:

The main issue which needs to check first is to check the lever and plunger’s adjustments. There should be a consistent and visible trip lever with a combination of the plunger, which helps to stop the water. Check its adjustments properly and if found issue, remove this issue and fix it properly.

Set the adjustment of plate:

The second step for adjustment correction is to check the plate, which holds the stopper trip lever. May you found any issue like cloth or hairs in it remove them gently and adequately fix the adjustment issue.

Pull out assembly of stopper:

The assembly of your stopper is also essential to check. You need to check the stopper assembly of two threaded rod articulates which need to appropriately aligned. If they are not in working condition than remove their problem.

Lower down the Stopper:

The next step needs to follow is to lower down your stopper. You should thread the lock nut bottom down, after that, you should spin the adaptor which will be hanging with the plunger from the downside. You should spin it until it reaches to the down bottom lock when it reaches now tight the upper locknut with the adaptor.

Placement of assembly parts:

Now you need to place the plunger, trip lever, threaded rod and other parts of the stopper in its hole tub and then tight the plate with the screws.

Close the Stopper:

The next and the last one step which you need to follow for completion of your job is to close the stopper, while you complete it you need to check its working, run some water and check the leakage issue. Your issue has obliterated, and adjustments are right in every aspect.


Close the Stopper

We noticed that bathtub adjustment disturb after one or two months and need some repairing work, so you cannot pay every time to the plumber.

So for that, it is a better idea that you learn yourself and get skills and making your bathtub stoppers adjustments proper.

We have provided you with a complete set of simple steps which will help you to make your bathtub stopper adjustments.

We hope you have got beneficial information from our article about how to adjust bathtub drain stopper. Visit this link to learn more.