A Review of Danko Earth Friendly Furniture

A Review of Danko Earth Friendly Furniture

Danko Earth Friendly Furniture is a unique take on modern furniture as well as a contribution to saving the earth. Furniture designer Peter Danko has created a line of beautifully designed modern furniture designed to catch the eye, but also made to create awareness of sustainable living.

Danko Earth Friendly Furniture is made from Ply-bent, which is a completely sustainable material designed to save our forests. In addition Danko Earth Friendly Furniture is also made with non-toxic water based adhesives. Danko Earthy Friendly Furniture looks for other way to support sustainable living and as a result uses recycled material for padding, and seat suspension to avoid using other products, which may deplete the earths resources.

Earth Friendly Furniture

To see a Danko design is definitely to fall in love with a Dankno Earth Friendly Furniture Design. The unique lines and curves of the body hugging furniture summon the buyer to try it out at the least.

Some of the Eco-modern pieces created by Danko are focused on sustainability and industrial production creating one of the most natural modern pieces recognized in the furniture industry.

Danko Earth Friendly Furniture offers a wide array of Green Design and Eco-Modernism products. The product line includes seating and tables, in a variety of wood finishes and colors.

One of the more uniquely designed products from Danko Earth Friendly Furniture is the Stewardship Bench. This unique piece is available in either a dark or light finish, but it is the design that makes it stand out. This piece was designed using digital machining technology combined with craft producing one of the most unique modern benches that is representative of art. Made from sustainable beech the Stewardship Bench also offers the option of an upholstered backrest. The Danko Stewardship Bench retails for $2426.00.

Another of the more unique pieces offered by Danko Earth Friendly Furniture is the Zinnia Bench, which in form actually resembles a row of digitally designed zinnias. The comfortable wooden European beech Zinnia Bench made from sustainably harvested beech is a unique combination of wood and plate steel resulting in what is an extremely modern bench with artistic influence. The Danko Zinnia Bench also has the option of an upholstered or wooden back. The Danko Zinnia Bench with a wooden back is $2310.00 and with an upholstered back retails for $2475.00.

Danko Earth Friendly Furniture also has a favorite piece called the Hanging Garden Bench designed to look as though it is in suspension but is not. The unique bench is designed as either symmetrical, high left back bench or high right back bench. The creation of these benches and an arrangement of them side by wide creates the appearance of waves. Made from sustainable beech the unique creation from Danko Earth Friendly Furniture retails for approximately $1850.00 per bench. For more information on Danko Earth Friendly Furniture visit the Web site for Peter Danko, The Find Green, or Eco Fabulous.