Video Editing: What You Need to Edit Video

Video Editing

When video editing was first brought out into a hungry market it was first geared to professionals who could afford expensive equipment. Now, with advances in editing software and the ability to obtain video via a multitude of sources, anybody can produce and edit video like a pro. Anybody with a computer can create video that can be entertaining and educational.

The equipment that is absolutely necessary for Movavi Video Editor is as follows.



In order to run the software necessary to edit video properly is a computer of course. It’s best to have a more recent computer with a large hard drive (at least 80 gigabytes or more in my opinion) and if possible a dual core processor so you don’t slow down any necessary processes.

Video Capturing Hardware

This can be as big as a full fledged camcorder or as small as a wireless phone with video capturing capability. The former will take better video than the latter. The camcorder will take clear, crisp video while the wireless cameraphone will video that is pixelated and grainy. Both have their purposes but if you want good quality video a small DV camera is probably the best way to go. They are relatively inexpesive and are getting cheaper all the time.

Video Editing Software

Most computers nowaday come with their own video editing software. If you have a PC you probably already have Windows Movie Maker and if you have a Mac you probably already have iMovie. Both are very good for editing and if you don’t know how to use them they come complete with help files and a little research can help you come up with some very good tutorials on the web.

If you don’t mind spending a little cash you can find other video editing software with better capabilities such as effects, transitions and the like. Some very good ones are Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Elements. There are some very good freeware and open source video editing software as well, T@b and Wax are a couple that come to mind.

Now that you have all the basic ingredients needed to create a well made video you can begin the process of planning it out, scouting locations and deciding what kind of effects and transitions to add to your video. When you start video editing you will be amazed at how professional you can make your video look, even with inexpensive or even free editing software.

Whether you’re uploading a video to YouTube or planning a documentary or production video, editing doesn’t have to be a nightmare with the proper equipment.