Using a Rubber Band to Lose Weight

Using a Rubber Band to Lose Weight

Dieting is always hard, especially when you are used to being able to eat whatever you want. The main reason people fail on a diet is because they give in to cravings fatty, sugary and carbohydrate filled foods. All of which will set you back when you are on a weight loss program. The temptation of food is all around us all of the time, fast-food, street vendors and in coffee shops. Trying to avoid giving in to foods you shouldn’t eat is really hard when you have no support. The rubber band method has been used to control addictions for many years now on the same principle can be applied when dieting.

a lot of exercise

Rubber band is not going to be the miracle method losing weight. It still involves a lot of exercise, eating the right foods and having good overall health. By using a rubber band placed around your wrist it aims to stop you from giving in to cravings and thinking before you tuck into a range of bad foods.

You need to start by choosing rubber band that fits your wrist. It’s vital that you choose one that is not too small that it will cut off the circulation to your hand and cause discomfort. You must use one that is quite thick and durable and not going to break the snap it gets your skin. If you choose one that is not very durable it could snap and hurt you even more. It is advisable that you wear the band all the time, but if you don’t fancy wearing it 24/7 you could carry it around in your bag and put it on when you feel your food cravings rising. Visit here for more info.

If you when you feel yourself craving or about to give in to your urges, snap the rubber band quickly and sharply against your wrist. It is meant to hurt but to do it so hard it bruises or draws blood, you just need to be aware of the pain. Now you need to ask yourself do you really want to ruin your diet, do you really need to eat it and is it really worth it. By giving yourself time to consider the pros and cons of giving in to temptation you’re giving yourself time to think about your actions.

In time your brain will link the feeling of craving food and pain. The cravings being diverted you will feel less inclined to indulge in food. When you feed an addiction you get used to the body releasing endorphins and makes you feel good however you need to stop associating your urges with addiction and happiness and link your addiction with bad feelings.

eating more serious addictions

This method has had a lot of success eating more serious addictions, so it’s very likely to work you. It’s not a overnight cure, or a miracle weightless technique, it’s about helping yourself consider your actions before you give into urges. Once you associate pain and addiction your brain will adjust and overtime you will crave less and less.