The Cause of Mucus in the Throat


Mucus is a common symptom that many people have at some point in their life. It can be caused by things like allergies, reflux disease, or the flu. The thing about mucus is that even though it’s a bad sign, it can actually help diagnose what might be causing your symptoms! This article will explore the causes of mucus and how to get rid of it!

What is Mucus?


Mucus is an opaque liquid that is produced by cells found in the cilia lining of the respiratory tract. Mucus helps trap bacteria, dust, and other particles that are being inhaled into the lungs. This liquid then moves up through the nasopharynx, pharynx, and esophagus to the stomach where it is either coughed up or swallowed. Stomach acid can break down this liquid to eliminate any harmful substances which it has trapped. We need mucus to protect our airways from irritation or infection by foreign particles. Mucin also prevents dryness in our throats by providing a lining for bacteria to adhere to which traps them before they can travel into our lungs.

Causes of Excessive Mucus Production

The most common symptom is excessive mucus production from the nose and sinuses that accumulate in the throat, resulting in a sore throat or coughing. The most common cause of this is a viral infection such as the flu, but other things can also cause this symptom, such as allergies or even acid reflux disease!

Viral infections such as the flu and colds and other respiratory viruses and conditions can cause mucus buildup in the throat. This is because these viruses trigger the production of massive amounts of mucus from the sinuses, which often makes it difficult to breathe through your nose. Much of this mucus can pool up in your throat causing a cough and sore throat, find more about this.

How to Treat Excessive Mucus?

The first step to treating excessive mucus is identifying the cause. Once you have done that, there are a few ways to treat it:

-Dehydration: Drink plenty of fluids to flush out mucus and maintain healthy body weight.

-If you have allergies, an antihistamine can help reduce the production of mucus. The best time to take one is at bedtime.

-If acid reflux disease is the cause of your symptoms, try decreasing the amount of food you eat as well as greasy and spicy foods you eat before going to bed. The less pressure on your stomach from those foods, the lower chance those foods will produce acid reflux which will cause more mucus production in your throat.

-If you have a viral infection such as the flu, drink plenty of fluids and get thyme, lemon, and ginger tea to help soothe your throat!


Mucus is a sign that your body is fighting an infection or irritant. The most common causes of mucus are viral infections, allergies, acid reflux disease, and more. If you have any questions about the cause of your symptoms or want to find out if it’s something serious like cancer, contact us today!