Benefits of a Natural Jute Rug

Benefits of a Natural Jute Rug

A Natural Jute Rug has several benefits. These benefits include softness, durability, and low cost. However, many people do not know that a Jute rug is also eco-friendly. To find out more about the benefits of a Jute rug, keep reading! Listed below are the top three reasons to buy a Natural Jute Rug. After reading this article, you should be able to make a sound decision on whether to buy one or not.



Natural jute rugs are a great way to add some texture to any room. But if you are looking for a rug that won’t get stained or torn, you should look elsewhere. While jute is a naturally durable fiber, it can still become moldy and mildewed if you put it in a humid room. You should avoid using jute in the bathroom, and make sure that it is stored in a dry location. And don’t place a jute rug in direct sunlight as it will fade and eventually mold.


A jute rug adds a rustic, earthy look to bare floors. Not only does it look natural, but it is also highly functional and affordable. The neutral color of jute is very easy to coordinate with other decor pieces, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of settings. They are also great for layering, making them an ideal base under smaller vintage rugs. If you want to find out extra information on jute rug, you have to browse around here NaturalArearugsblog website.

Low cost

If you’re in the market for a natural jute rug, but are unsure how much to spend, try a blended jute runner. These rugs have a softer texture underfoot and can even stand on their own. They also add an earthy element to your decor, complementing other natural materials like wood, stone, and even concrete. If you’re looking to buy a rug for a small space, you can start with a braided jute runner. A braided runner can cost around $648, while a 10-foot runner will set you back about $400.


There are many benefits of a natural jute rug, but one of the best features is its ability to be biodegradable. While most synthetic rugs aren’t biodegradable, jute will. They may biodegrade in landfills, but this process is not a fast one, and it results in the release of methane, a greenhouse gas. Also, jute rugs can be used over again. Even if they discolor or fade over time, you can use them as door mats or even as decorative items in the home.


If you are worried about your cat scratching up your beautiful new rug, you should reconsider your decision. Cats are known to enjoy scratching, and it is an essential part of their health. However, jute area rugs are not suitable for cats because they are flat and tend to attract the claws of cats. This is because cats prefer to scratch vertical surfaces. So, you should keep this in mind when purchasing a jute rug.