A Step By Step Guide to Making Candles

A Step By Step Guide to Making Candles

A candle is a solid, cylindrical object that produces light when lit. In general, candles are made from wax or another flammable material and can be scented to produce a variety of smells. They’re perfect for the holidays, setting the mood or just relaxing after a long day at work. It’s an easy process that you can do in your own Handmade Candles with just a few simple ingredients!

How to Make Candles?

You’ll need a candle mold, wax chips, wick, candle burner and a saucepan or double boiler for making a candle. Here are steps to making candle as your desire:

Make Candles

Step 01: Pour water into a saucepan (double boiler) and heat until its boiling. Turn down the heat and place wax chips in the top of the double boiler. Stir to allow wax chips to melt.

Step 02: Remove from heat and add fragrance oil or essential oils depending on your preference and stir well. Allow wax to cool slightly so it becomes slightly opaque, not clear.

Step 03: Slowly pour the wax into your candle mold being careful to avoid bubbles in the mixture. Now it’s time to add a wick!

Step 04” While the wax is cooling and setting up (this usually takes between 1-3 hours), make sure your candle wick is in place and centered in the middle of your candle.

Step 05: When your candles are set and completely cooled (this usually takes about 2-3 hours), simply remove from mold to reveal a brand new scented candle!

Types of Candles

There are four types of candles: Pillar Candles, Jar Candles, Votive Candles, and Taper Candles.

Pillar Candles

These are the most common type of candle. They are typically made up of paraffin wax. Pillar candles are usually just one color but there are some that have swirls or stripes in them. Pillar candles are usually in heights between five inches to six feet tall. Pillar candles burn for hours at a time with minimal effort.

Jar Candles

These come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be any color or scented with any scent you want! Jar candles work best when they are used for an event or occasion because they typically only last 2-3 hours long. Jar candles can be burned in almost any type of holder or jar and most jar candles burn for around 25-35 hours.

Votive Candles

These are typically made up of paraffin wax and they come in many different scents. Votive candles last about 2-3 hours long, but you can make them last longer by trimming the wick down before you light it. Votive candles are typically small, but there are votive candles that are large in order to fit a larger holder or jar.

Taper Candles

Taper Candles

This type of candles are thin and tall candles, usually made up of paraffin wax. The wick for this type of candle is usually stitched into the bottom so that the candle burns from the bottom up. Taper candles are typically tapered at the top with a pointed tip to help them burn longer and more evenly. The typical burning time of taper candles is 8-12 hours.


Candles are a scent-infused home accessory for any occasion. They’re most appropriate for the holidays, setting the mood or just relaxing after a long day at work. Making candles is an easy process that you can do in your own home with just a few simple ingredients!