When & How Much You Should Tip a Locksmith

How Much You Should Tip a Locksmith

Tipping a ключар is completely optional. If you happen to be in a tight spot and your lock is in a bad condition, a holiday, or just because you’re tired and hungry, a few dollars will go a long way. Many people also choose to leave a tip because they feel that the locksmith went above and beyond to help them. However, there’s no rule about how much you should tip a locksmith. Most services don’t require a tip, but fifteen to twenty percent is a great amount to leave, especially for an emergency lockout.

Getting a locksmith’s quote

Getting a locksmith’s quote is essential if you need a lock replacement. Most people do not have a clue how much a lock replacement will cost. Comparing quotes allows you to compare like for like. Be wary of locksmiths who require a call out. Unless you are in desperate need of a lock replacement, you will not have any idea how much it will cost until the locksmith arrives at your door.

Before hiring a locksmith, make sure to check his credentials and check whether he’s licensed in your state. Make sure the company has a good online presence, as well as read customer reviews. Also, never sign a blank invoice. When asking for a quote, be sure to describe your situation clearly and ask if the locksmith has solved similar problems before. If you have a pre-approved locksmith from your insurance company, that is a good place to start. Check whether the locksmith is insured and ask to see his or her I.D. when he arrives.

Tipping a locksmith

Most of the time, locksmiths don’t expect a tip, but they do appreciate it. Although you’re not required to tip them, it’s always nice to express your appreciation. After all, they work hard to keep you safe and can’t do it without your tip.

You should give a decent tip when your locksmith completes their job. Tipping a locksmith is not customary, but it is appropriate when the service they provide is exceptional. You can tip between 15% and 20% of the total bill. It’s best to tip a locksmith who has been in the business for 10 or more years. While tipping a locksmith may not make any sense for most customers, it’s a common practice and makes perfect sense in emergency situations.

Finding a family-owned business

Choosing a family-owned locksmith company has distinct benefits. Not only is the professional personally invested in the business, but you’re also supporting the local economy. A family-owned locksmith company is more likely to have the same values as you. This means you can expect a higher level of customer service. Besides, you can feel good about tipping a business that takes care of the community.


Unlike a large national chain, you can tell whether a family-owned business is a good idea by looking for a small, local company. While the large companies have their name plastered all over the city, small, family-owned businesses have the same commitment to the community and don’t have the financial or personal ties to the owners. They’re more likely to be responsive to their customers and are more likely to be honest about their prices.