What You Need to Get Started Making Buttons

What You Need to Get Started Making Buttons

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own buttons, this article will give you some tips on how to get started. First, you need a circle punch, an Ink jet printer, and a Do-it-yourself button maker. Next, you’ll need to buy your materials. Those supplies will be discussed below. Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to get started! Let’s get started!

Circle punch

Circle punch

Before you start creating your buttons, you should have a circle punch. This punch will help you cut a circle that is perfect for buttons or magnets. This type of punch features a shallow die on the left that’s called the “pick-up” die. After you have your punch, place the button shell in the die, with its sharp edges facing down. Next, place your image or piece of mylar on top of the button shell, matching the black mark on the die with your image.

A hand punch is a better option than a traditional circle cutter because it cuts more accurately and faster. Unlike a circular cutter, you won’t need a special cutter to make your buttons. First, cut strips of paper. Then, feed them into the machine. Make sure that the paper’s diameter is larger than the diameter of the button, since it will fold over the back of the button. To make a button with a circle punch, you must measure the diameter of the paper and then make sure it fits inside the machine.

Ink jet printer

To make buttons, you can use an Ink jet printer. However, you should ensure that you buy a device with good image visibility. It may be difficult to find the best device that will meet your needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing an Ink jet printer:

An Ink jet printer can be a great investment if you’re new to the button business. It can also be used to make prepress color proofs for digital printing jobs. These are important because they show you how the final image will look when printed on a large printing press, such as a four-colour offset lithography press. An Iris printer, on the other hand, produces giclee output.

Do-it-yourself button maker

If you’ve ever wanted to create a button to promote your business, there are many easy and inexpensive methods available for making buttons. However, if you’re not good at graphics, you can try purchasing some software. Print Artists is an easy-to-use graphics software that is inexpensive but offers many options. Other graphics programs include Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. You can also hire a graphic designer to create the image for you. They won’t charge you much, and they’ll do it quickly.


A button maker comes in a variety of styles. Some models are simpler than others, and some can even be used by kids. A beginner’s model, for example, requires little pressure, while a professional button maker is larger and heavier. While these devices may seem intimidating to beginners, they can be used safely with a parent’s supervision. It’s important to read instructions carefully before using the tool, so you don’t break something.