Top 4 things to know before hiring a tow truck

Top 4 things to know before hiring a tow truck

Towing is the process of removing an unattended vehicle from a public roadway. In some cases, towing may happen because the driver has broken down or been unable to pay for parking in a high-demand lot. Towing services are often contracted through dealerships, roadside assistance programs, or auto clubs.

1. What services do they offer?

While tow truck companies offer a wide range of services, the most common service is to remove an unattended vehicle from a public roadway. A tow truck will pick up and move the vehicle onto private property where it can be repaired or stored until the owner comes back.

2. How much does it cost?

You can imagine that this will be a different price depending on the company providing the service. Some of these companies may only charge the cost of fuel, but others may charge for vehicle relocation as well. The tow truck driver or company also might have a minimum time long before they can move your car to where you want it. Finally, most tow trucks are not equipped to do this without the help of an undercarriage crane or heavy-duty sling, so there might need to be additional equipment rented in order for them to provide safe transport.

3. Do they have insurance?

A tow truck service should not only have the right type of insurance, but it should also have enough of it. Tow truck drivers must have commercial auto insurance to cover the hazards they encounter. If they are driving your vehicle, their insurance will cover it if something happens during the move. The cheap tow service company may also require you to sign a waiver that covers any vehicle damage or injuries that happen on private property.


4. Who should consider using a tow truck service?

The towing service may be appropriate for the following groups. Travelers who have car trouble on a road near their destination. Occupants of dense downtown areas that need to park in remote garages or lots, or those who work at urban office complexes where parking is expensive and hard to find. Utility companies that need to install or repair facilities in areas with limited access. Residential neighborhoods where street parking is overcrowded and all-day permits are required but difficult to purchase.

5. Is there any complaint against them?

There are less than 10 complaints that have ever been filed against non-tow companies. This means that only 0.87% of customers who have used this tow company in the past 5 years have had any issues with it. As a result, this should make any consumer feel pretty good about the business, as they are going to be at very low risk for encountering a future problem while using this company’s services.

Since so few people seem to experience an issue during their use of these service providers, you may be comfortable choosing one without worrying about them being dishonest or unqualified as they go around town and pick up vehicle after vehicle during different time periods.


Towing services are often contracted through dealerships, roadside assistance programs, or auto clubs. If you want to know more about how a tow truck can help your business with its service offerings, give us a call today. We’d be happy to answer any questions and provide information on the different ways we could work together. Let’s talk soon!