Several reasons why the COVID needs to be quarantined


COVID is a disease that can be spread through water, food, or air.  It causes people to cough and sneeze, but it’s not as dangerous as some other diseases. Still, the CDC has issued warnings for those who have come into contact with the virus. If you are experiencing symptoms of this sickness such as fever or runny nose please see a doctor immediately! But why has the CDC issued so many warnings? They have cautioned about people coming into contact with the COVID because it is highly contagious. The virus can live on surfaces for over 24 hours, and on hands for up to six hours. With such a long time possible before getting infected, the danger of spreading becomes high.

To protect those who are not infected


Anyone could breathe in a virus and not develop symptoms. However, if that person does, they would be extremely ill and potentially infect others. It is important to have a clear quarantine so that those who are unharmed by the virus can go on with their lives without restriction.

Protection of personnel

Protection of personnel is one of the main reasons why the COVID needs to be quarantined. The COVID can infect other living organisms and jeopardize human lives as well as the safety of those working with the COVID. The protection for personnel is paramount as this may cause an outbreak that could endanger more than just those in quarantine. One way that this could happen, is if the virus were to go airborne and become easily transferred by air currents.

To promote necessary research

It is common knowledge that the COVID virus has spread rapidly throughout the last six months. However, it is also common knowledge that scientists are still not sure where the virus originated, how it spreads, and what its full effects will be. Quarantine allows researchers to conduct experiments on humans so that we can know more about the virus.

To monitor those infected

Quarantine means that everyone who has been exposed to the COVID virus is monitored for signs of illness and infection. Those who are sick will be given proper treatment, which may include a vaccine to stop the disease. It is this freedom from worry about what might happen that allows those in Bangkok quarantine hotel to focus on getting better.

To prevent panic

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” said George Santayana. Panic is a common element of most major diseases and has led to countless deaths throughout history. By putting those who have potentially been exposed under quarantine, we can reduce the potential for mass hysteria among the citizenry.

To give all those involved a chance to heal

It is an important step that protects all parties involved, and it allows for serious reflection on what has happened. Being in Bangkok asq hotel means that you get the much-needed time to reflect, learn about and hopefully heal from your experiences.


Quarantine is a process that can be done for people or animals to stop the spread of diseases. It starts with designated isolation and then, if all goes well, ends in a release from quarantine. We hope you found our blog post on how quarantine works helpful! If you’re looking for more information about other types of medical coverage, we have a variety of other articles ready for you to read!