How to Track Your User Account Activity?

How to Track Your User Account Activity

The events are:

loginLogging into the system 
logoutLogging out of the system 
registrationRegistration in the system 
password_changedChange of password 
phone_changedChange of telephone number 
email_changedChange of email address 
invite_sentSending one or more invites 
invites_orderedOrder of extra invites 
order_createdCreation of a new order 
order_canceledCancellation of the order 
funds_depositDeposit of the funds to one of the wallets 
funds_withdrawalWithdrawal of funds from the system 
funds_withdrawal_requestCreation of funds withdrawal request 
funds_transferTransfer of funds within the system 
wallet_createdCreation of a new wallet 
wallet_deletedDeletion of the wallet 
wallet_settings_changedChange of wallet settings 

For each event the following information is available:

For each event the following information is available
  • date and time of the event;
  • customer’s location at the time the event took place;
  • customer’s IP address;
  • info on the customer’s clipboard.

What to do if I’ve noticed a suspicious activity on my account?

If in the History section you’ve noticed events that were not initiated by you, and you suspect some stranger got access to your account, contact our client support team immediately, visit here.